Since 1970 we have been manufacturing machines and solutions for the national market, South American countries, Europe and the United States.

Traditionally we are the most reputed rectifier manufacturer in Brazil. The high quality standard of our products allows us to reach the total satisfaction of our customers.

In addition to rectifiers of various sizes and solutions, we have in our portfolio, Machining centers of high precision and removal.

It has today more than 6,000 machines manufactured and installed, and a Market Share of approximately 70%

The operation of FERDIMAT is all concentrated in São José dos Campos – SP, in the Vale do Paraíba region and approximately 90 KM in São Paulo.

Accompanying the technological innovations, in 2018 we began a process of modernization and automation of our machines, following the trend of the industry 4.0 and without losing our main characteristic: the reliability.

Our commitment to the quality, precision and performance of our machines remains our top priority.



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